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IP rates - For outgoing calls originating from an IP device
Callback - For use when you have no internet or an access number to make a call from
SMS - For outgoing text messages
Paid services - Telephone Consultants Payment System (TCPS)
Access numbers - For outgoing calls using a local access number in the country you are in
DID - For incoming calls to your DID (personal number)
Premium rate plan if you require the best quality and caller ID on most routes.

DID's are also called personal numbers. Click on a country listed below to see the call rates for forwarding from your DID in that country. If you want to know how much it will cost you to forward your Canada DID to your China mobile phone then click on "Canada" below and look at "China, Mobile" destination to get the per minute rate. If you want to see the cost to forward to your softphone via SIP or IAX, then look at SIP or IAX in the list below.

More about DIDs

Personal numbers (DIDs)
Argentina    Germany National PN per min (from landline)    Poland
Australia    Germany National PN per min (from mobile)    Portugal
Austria    Greece    Romania
Austria Toll Free (from landline)    Guatemala    Russia
Austria Toll Free (from payphone)    Honduras    Singapore
Bahrain    Hong Kong    Slovakia
Belgium    Hungary    Slovenia
Brazil    India    South Africa
Bulgaria    India Toll Free    Spain
Canada    Ireland    Spain Toll Free (from cellphone)
Chile    Israel    Spain Toll Free (from landline)
China    Italy    Sweden
Colombia    Japan    Switzerland
Costa Rica    Korea (South)    Thailand
Croatia    Latvia    Thailand PN
Cyprus    Lithuania    Turkey
Czech Republic    Luxembourg    Ukraine
Denmark    Malaysia    United Kingdom
Dominican republic    Malta    United Kingdom Toll Free
El Salvador    Mexico    USA
Estonia    Netherlands    USA / Canada Toll Free
Finland    New Zealand    USA PN. Group A
France    Norway    USA PN. Group B
Georgia    Pakistan    USA PN. Group C
Germany    Panama    Venezuela